Upcoming Events

Spring Handling Classes   

Handling classes will start on March 4th. Registration form required for each dog. Handling classes are going to be a bit more structered this time around, especially for the beginners. We will be offering a discounted rate for those who pay for the classes up front. Member discounts will be even Greater..... so if you aren't a member, be sure to fill out an application today! Beginners arrive at 10am, Experienced arrive at 11am.

           Class dates:          March 4th 2018- No Dogs, aimed for beginners but you never know what you might                                                                              learn!! (Board Room Botanical Gardens)
                                             March 11, 18, 25- Somersfield Academy- Courtyard
                                             April 8, 15, 22- Somersfield Academy- Courtyard
              Fun Match:           May 6, 2018- Somersfield Academy- Courtyard.

                            Handling Class Form-

2018 Int. Dog Shows
 October 20 & 21, Botanical Gardens Main Ring
​                                Mr Guy Jeavons- On. Canada            Mr. Mark McMillan- On. Canada
                                        Mr. Charles Ovlis- Va. USA                 Ms. Elizabeth Muthard- Va. USA


  1. Dog Shows
    The October shows take several volunteers to put together and run them successful. If you would like to assist; joining committees, donating resources, or a sponsorship, please contact us, go to the contact page and send a message. Thank you.
  2. Membership
    For 2017 the club is waiving its initiation fee. Membership also gives you discounts to local pet shops, entries, handling classes and any seminars. Junior members are free until their 18th birthday. Membership Application:
  3. Junior Showmanship
    Juniors do not need to own the dogs they show. Open to ages 7-17, they compete in their own classes, and can also show dogs in regular classes.
  4. Handling Classes
    These classes are run by volunteer members and are designed to teach new owners/dogs the basics of "dog show" and handling, as well as a tune up for those who have been around for a bit. Handling Class Registration Form